crafting comfort, Style & luxury for all.

We firmly believe that luxurious high-quality clothing needs to be accessible to everyone regardless of their social class. Respecting the environment and supporting the EU economy as well as fair wages creates the foundation of our company.
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Our story

After working in the high-end menswear industry for several years, we decided that we wanted to create a high-quality, sustainable, and accessible luxury for all. Caring about the working environment we wanted the production to be in Europe, creating more employment, where the working conditions are controlled and support the EU economy. In order to protect the environment, we wanted fewer carbon emissions and a garment that lasts a lifetime.
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More than just an outfit

Our passion lies in providing our customers with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We want to make shopping experience more intentional, considerate and intimate again.

By constantly evolving with the market as well as interacting with our customers, we are able to create products that we can truly be proud of.

We are open!

We are open!

We are open!

We are open! Book a free appointment now and lets craft your dream outfit.
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To meet our high standards, we are using only the best Italian mills. Placing the production into the hands of family-owned producers and highly respected craftsmen guarantees excellent quality and long-lasting garments. This way we respect the environment and set a good example of sustainability in the fashion industry.

To create clothing that is comfortable yet stylish, we offer a wide range of tailoring according to each customer’s personal style and preference.